Functions & Features :

• Color LCD with touch panel 

• Four Operation views (digital display, bargraph, dual-loop bargraph and short trend views) 

• Enhanced screen functions for engineering (configuration, programming and tuning views) 

• Universal input x 2 points, analog input x 4 points, discrete input x 6 points, pulse input x 5 points, high speed pulse input x 1 point 

• Current output (4-20 mA) x 2 points, voltage output (1-5 V) x 2 points, relay or photo-MOSFET relay output x 5 points 

• RUN output (relay) x 1 point 

• Computation cycle selectable between 50 msec. and 3 sec. (control cycle selectable between 1 and 64 times of the computation cycle) 

• Two PID function blocks

• Advanced computation and sequence control functions 

• Auto-tuning function 

• Parameter input and changing with touch panel 

• Function parameter setting, list printing and data downloading/uploading available with Loop Configuration Builder Software (model: SFEW3E) 

• Display parameter setting, saving and transfer with PC Configurator Software (model: SCCFG)

• Selectable housing depth for ease of using existing wires in replacement: 250 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm

• Separable terminal block 

Typical Applications

• Replacement of conventional controllers 

• Panel operation for small-scale instrumentation

Model Avaiable : SC100– 10– M2